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TSS Towers,
179, Kavuri Hills-Phase-II,
Hyderabad - 500081,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone: 0091-40-49021201 to 49021299
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TSS GROUP  is a professionally managed group present in Eight Countries  represents and  is a synthesis of   Indian ingenuity and Global expertise.   We carry with us  over six decades of  experience and expertise in 

Shipping / Port Handing / Management
Gelatine Manufacturing
Saw Pipe Manufacturing
Natural Herbal Products
Manufacturing of Sodium Methoxide
Turnkey Projects consultancy
Turnkey Project Exports / Execution
International Trade

Dear Guest,

At TSS, we foster an environment of learning and constantly strive to integrate the experience and expertise of global leaders to our own learning, in our pursuit of excellence. We are clear about our business practices and promote transparency and ethical practices that set standards for generations to come. TSS is also committed to constantly increasing value to all stakeholders external and internal, and every single employee, partner of ours will be party to this inclusive growth. Our policies shall be just and equitable to all and our manufacturing practices shall incorporate the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. We understand and are deeply aware that our existence owes its growth in being respectful and grateful to the environment, people, natural resources that give themselves to our objectives.

Me and my team, promise to make TSS an experience to cherish.

TSS group has presence is eight countries and is a recognized Export  House and has to its credit  the distinction of  being one of  the leading Project Exporter and has successfully designed, built and commissioned some of  the most difficult  chemical and Pharma Gelatin plants around the World.  The group has extensive presence in Germany, USA, Middle East,  Saudi Arabia and UAE , .  This group  bring with it  its extensive managerial experience,  financial strength and administrative acumen to supplement the technical expertise of  the other promoters.

TSS Projects & Industries  expertise encompasses using its tested foresight the Group out sources state of the art technology from European and other countries and uses its vast home resources towards Projects Export, Engineering, design, fabrication , erection , commissioning and operations of the  Plants.

TSS Group Company Transgel Industries Limited  had set up First of its kind, State-of-art Gelatine Plant in Middle East to produce 1500 Tonnes of Pharma Gelatine, 2500 Tonnes Ossein and 5000 Tonnes of Dicalcium Phosphate – The project is commissioned in Sept. 2007. This is the first "HALAL" Gelatin Plant in the middle East.

Aum Consultancy’s  engineering design, procurement and construction management services are available in comprehensive project packages. The company also specializes in providing turnkey solutions and project management consultancy for diverse industries based on the specific requirements of clients. Their broad portfolios of services include the following:

  •     Project Management
  •     Designing
  •     Erection & Commissioning
  •     Validation & Reports
  •     Engineering services
  •     Neutracutical Plants.
  •     Solvent Extraction Plants.
  •     Refinery.   
  •     Oleoresine Plant.
  •     Herbal Extraction Plants
  •     Food Processing.
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AUM Agrotech Limited was established in 1999 manufacturer of Herbal Plant Protection and Crop Production Products and R&D work, extraction, isolation of various Phytochemicals from plant materials. 
Providing Consultancy Services for organic agriculture, cultivation, extraction & processing of medicinal and aromatic plants, product development, concept development, Neutracutical & functional foods development and technology transfer.

Manufacturing various natural products for animal healthcare and dietary supplements, involved in the research and isolation of various important known Phytochemicals from plant origin. Our setup consists of formulation plant, extraction plant, purification plant and various critical unit operations for commercial isolation of active ingredients.

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Techtran’s  co promoter Company  - Technic - Middle East which has  its credit  and distinction of successfully  completing some of  the most complex  civil engineering projects in Middle East and by virtue of  accomplishing these Engineering marvels the Technic Company won laurels and accolades  of  its clientele and  emerged as a  giant  over  the Engineering horizon of  Middle East and its neighbouring countries.   They have the capacity to independently design and  build  some of the world's largest projects, often ahead of schedule, while maintaining  high standards of quality. They have acquired, adapted, and applied state-of-the-art technologies in several areas of the engineering and construction industry.  Techtrans  thus, having inherited the credentials of  Technic Company has the capacity to design and build any civil and engineering project of any size and complexity.

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AUM Saw Pipe Industries Pvt  Limited (ASPIPL), a TSS Group Company  was formed to diversify pipe manufacturing operations in L SAW and H SAW production lines. Longitudinal SAW pipes machinery imported from HYUNDAI – KOREA & Germany for a  production Capacity: 250000  Tonnes/Annum and also 350000 capacity H SAW pipes production line.

Post recession and global meltdown India is emerging as an economic giant  and going by the present projections and indications  the investment in the development in India and Globally  during the next  five years is expected to be over USD 600 billion.  This massive investment is sure to open new vistas and opportunities for TSS GROUP Companies  development.


Isha Natural Herbal
is a project on herbal medicine and allied products.

The project theme:

  • Cultivation of organic medicinal plants and vegetables.
  • Scientific harvesting storage and extraction.
  • Research and Development.
  • Manufacturing and Formulation.
  • Marketing.
  • Consultancy for natural product industry.
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